Part II includes our stories for Culture, Science and Technology, Space, and Food and Health.


Story #11: The Year of da Vinci

While The Solari Report continues to revel in da Vinci, The Economist wrote a critical piece on him. The piece said da Vinci was notorious for missing deadlines and was not a great painter because his output was limited. It also dismissed his worth as an inventor because he did not produce final inventions for many of his designs or make them "workable." Never mind that da Vinci's 15 or so surviving paintings are masterpieces; or that he figured out—500 years before modern medical science—how the circulatory system worked; or that financing for making many of his inventions workable was not forthcoming. Fortunately, many Solari subscribers are ignoring the criticisms and celebrating da Vinci and culture instead. There is an abundance of great culture, and it will grow if we support it.

Story #12: Divide and Conquer

QAnon sidelined too many smart people from taking action by inviting them to "trust the plan" and wait for the arrests that would drain the swamp. However, when The Wall Street Journal plastered actress Felicity Huffman's prison sentence across its front page, it was a sign that—aside from some minor scapegoating—no significant swamp draining has taken place. Fifty trillion dollars has gone missing through criminality and the financial coup d'état, and now those who stole the money are clearing out the individuals and corporations they don't need for the next phase. They are also escalating divide-and-conquer attacks—a useful tactic to distract attention from the missing money and continued centralization of political and economic power. But consumers are pushing back against corporate divide-and-conquer—calling for boycotts of Whole Foods (for its promotion of drag queen story hours), Procter and Gamble (for its offensive "toxic masculinity" Gillette ad campaign), and Walmart (for its decision to limit ammunition sales). How ironic that Jeffrey Epstein—of all people—briefly united everyone in questioning the official story of his death (to the point where young people now refer to someone as having been "Epsteined" rather than "suicided").

Story #13: Speaking Out!

Across the Internet and media, there is a major effort to silence truth-tellers. Let's continue to support people and institutions who are speaking out and not be afraid to do so ourselves. When interacting with local or state officials, use nonpassive language—let them know what you want and expect. Saying "I want my $21 trillion back" would be a good place to start! (See the Solari #212020 poster campaign.) In clarifying what you stand for and thinking about practical actions to take, consider writing down—with as many specifics as possible—the world that you want to see and what you are willing to fight for. Outside the U.S., people find it difficult to grasp Americans' devotion to the Second Amendment because they cannot fathom a government that markets drugs and runs drug gangs or private mercenaries into neighborhoods. They do not understand that depriving Americans of their guns would just make it easier for the leadership to cut Social Security and clear people off their land.


Story #14: Weather Warfare and Disaster Capitalism

Weather warfare and disaster capitalism are real and getting worse—and we are all potential targets. It may be a good time to ask yourself questions such as: Are you near a prime piece of real estate that some group may want? Are insurance companies leaving your market? Are you flexible enough to move if you need to? It's also time to kick up our learning metabolism and use our collaborative brain power. Like Gideon's army, we can't carry along those who are scared and without faith, but we can help promote coherent thinking. Stick with reality as much as possible and know that some parts of "official reality"—the parts that overlap with reality—are also fine places to be.

Story #15: 5G Wars and the Internet of HAL 9000 Invasive Things

With the encroaching Internet of Things, surveillance capitalism cameras and devices are everywhere—including the smartphones that most people now take for granted. Consider keeping your phone and other devices in a Faraday bag when not in use—even better, use them less. 5G will make the surveillance capitalism more invasive and is already affecting people's ability to process information and make decisions. Whether or not mind manipulation is intended, 5G will scramble people's thinking. Will the 5G network—in concert with other mind manipulation technologies—make it possible to target specific people or places with even more precision?

One of the most shocking 3rd Quarter stories was the news of wireless baby diapers that connect with parents' smartphones to tell them when the baby's diaper needs changing. What will wireless chips on the genitals do to babies in combination with wireless baby monitors and vaccines? (NB: Procter & Gamble owns Pampers, and Dick Cheney used to serve on the P&G Board of Directors.)


Story #16: The U.S. Space Force

The Outer Space Treaty notwithstanding, multiple players are moving to weaponize space. China has publicly outlined its space war plans, and the United States Space Command is moving forward. U.S. generals have also openly discussed space-based kinetic weaponry (tungsten rods) as viable options. Were the Chinese chemical plant explosions we saw in Tianjin a few years ago—which produced suspiciously deep, narrow craters—the result of a "rod of God"? What is President Trump trying to signal when he tweets about "exotic" weapons? What is the significance of the Russians' pyramid research and work with torsion-wave energy? All you have to do is watch the trading patterns, especially after odd-behaving hurricanes and tsunamis. A covert war with exotic weaponry is the logical explanation for the trading patterns—and $21 trillion can put a lot more tungsten rods into space.


Story #17: Fake Food on the March

The promotion of lab-grown meat, GMO soy burgers, and other fake foods (being billed, in Orwellian fashion, as "clean food") went into overdrive in the 3rd Quarter, with heavy marketing to consumers and investors alike. As fake meat began appearing in fast food restaurants all over North America, Trump signed an executive order that takes the food supply dark by virtually eliminating regulatory oversight of genetically engineered plants and animals. (Is this the food version of FASAB 56?) It looks like the plan for maintaining corporate food profits involves persuading consumers that they need to eat unregulated fake foods to "save the planet"—and convincing them that fake burgers are the same as beef in all respects other than not coming from a cow. Watch the Solari Future Science presentation on the "Wave Genome" if you want to understand why they are not equivalent; Ulrike Granögger describes Dr. Popp's research showing that—in terms of biophysics—an organic egg is entirely different from a conventional egg. It has never been more important to grow your own food or support small farmers and local farmer's markets.


It is sobering to take inventory of all the "not acceptable" things that are happening: elementary school sex ed curricula that are teaching children how to be sex slaves; vaccine legislation that tells doctors to violate the Nuremberg Code; poisoning of children (via GMO foods, global spraying, and vaccine ingredients) that is contributing to over half of American children being chronically ill; mass production of human embryoids (embryo-like structures made in vitro); and the FDA's approval of a device for ADHD "treatment" that applies electrical current to children while they sleep. (Dr. Peter Breggin, who is protesting this psychiatric abuse, notes that researchers only tested the device for four weeks on 30 children.) In this inhuman context, it is no longer possible to "go along to get along." It is time to push back—and stop funding the people who are doing these things.

The story of Silicon Valley's Theranos company and the rise and fall of its CEO, Elizabeth Holmes, continues to puzzle. Holmes claimed that her company's portable blood testing unit would be able to do an entire blood panel in the privacy of one's home with a couple of drops of blood—something that is impossible with ordinary chemical or spectroscopic methods. The official story that Holmes simply defrauded her investors does not make sense when one considers the black-budget deep state players on her board (including George Shultz, Henry Kissinger, Riley Bechtel, and James Mattis) and the huge amount of money Theranos spent to police secrecy. What if Theranos was planning on using and unveiling a new technology reliant on a different physics—as suggested in the Theranos patents (which refer to sending light through a prism)? Is there a connection with the recently announced discovery—reportedly with medical and biotech applications that would be of great interest to the deep state—of a new kind of light wave that emerges in the boundary transition between crystals and liquids? Did Holmes stumble across a concept that was already in play in black-budget research? The narrative that the board was incompetent and shares no responsibility does not hold water.

Story #19: Out of Control

Everywhere you turn, it seems like things are spinning out of control.

The investment community is enthusiastically proclaiming the virtues of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investment criteria. The leadership is happy to tell ESG investors that corporations are going to "save the planet"—but woe to the investor who wants to boycott Israel or objects to the U.S. securities market going dark.

In the latest "what could possibly go wrong" story, scientists released genetically engineered mosquitoes in Brazil that were supposed to interbreed with and halt reproduction in native mosquitoes. Instead of controlling the local mosquito populations and tropical diseases, however, the native mosquitoes appear to be retaining the mutant genes and becoming even more resilient. This is the same problem encountered with GMO plants—in an open system, nature can adapt far more quickly than we can. Are the scientists who are interbreeding monkeys and humans or mass-producing human embryoids thinking about what could go wrong?

Story #20: Weakening of Earth’s Magnetic Field

Open systems are complex, multivariable systems that do not fit well into standard physics calculations. Consider ionospheric heaters like HAARP, which play around with the planetary magnetosphere—they are bound to have resonance effects on the total system. The same is true of nuclear bombs—they are not closed systems. From the beginning, the yields of nuclear explosions have varied and sometimes fallen outside of predicted ranges; the outcome does not simply depend on the thermonuclear chemistry of the device but also on where—and when—the device is detonated. It seems likely that a hidden realm of black-budget research is experimenting with and looking into these planetary effects and how their technologies interact with other systems, including aggregate human behavior. What is happening to the Earth's magnetic field? We would like to know more about what is happening geophysically around us.